Sympathy for Republicans

Sympathy for the Republican PartyLet us finally find a space in our hearts for these men, and one woman, who say they want to lead the United States for at least four years.  Their feelings are hurt, because a few journalists, from a television station that is the ultimate supporter of free market capitalism, asked them a few obvious questions that they could have seen coming a mile off.  They are wounded, and have taken their ball and gone home.  It’s a good thing, because, I am sure, Putin, ISOL, Assad, and whoever else might arise during their tenure, would never dare to be rude to them, even in the mildest, most obvious ways. Oh, and the liberal media that is prepared to have 11 debates on its liberal airwaves to allow these 11 gentle souls of wealth and taste to introduce themselves We should feel sorry for them. So if you meet them, have some courtesy, have some sympathy, and some taste, use all your well-learned politesse, for we surely know their names.


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